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Callgrind and KCachegrind are open source software, and licensed under GPL V2. More details can be found here.

Precompiled Binaries

KCachegrind 0.7.x is available with KDE 4.x. If your distribution includes KDE, chances are good that you already have it installed, or that a binary package is provided.

Callgrind is merged into Valgrind since version 3.1.

While QCachegrind can be easily compiled on Mac OS-X and Windows, there currently are no precompiled packages or installers available. You need to compile it from source.

If you know other sources, or have corrections, please send me an EMail.


  • For most recent release, look for the KCachegrind source package in the recent KDE release, available from the KDE download page.

  • Access to Git repository


Installation instructions can be found in the source package, file README.

Change Log

  • KCachegrind 0.7.4 (April 5, 2013)
    • Fix loading bug introduced in 0.7.2
    • QCachegrind compiles with Qt5 now

  • KCachegrind 0.7.3 (6.11.12)
    • 0.7.2 broke the File Load dialog. This releases only fixes this issue.

  • KCachegrind 0.7.2 (17.10.12)
    • This is a bugfix release, with minor changes
    • Multiple files specified on the command line are now loaded into one window
    • Large number of event types supported (previously 20, now 200)

  • KCachegrind 0.7.1 (2.2.12)
    • Communicates with Callgrind now by running callgrind_control (needed for VG > 3.7)
    • Minor bugfixes, does not use Qt3-compat features of Qt4 any longer

  • KCachegrind 0.7.0 (24.8.11)
    • First release of qcachegrind binary, which only relies on Qt > 4.3 (part of the KCachegrind source package)
    • First release of KCachegrind for KDE 4 (independent from KDE release cycle)
    • Understands recently introduced event types for last level cache (in Valgrind 3.6.0)