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Remark: This is an arbitrary list of tools, partly from research area (for which it will be difficult to find source at all).

Free/Research Profiling Tools

  • Perf Events for Linux (since 2.6.31, "perf" sources in Linux kernel source tree)
  • OProfile (System wide sampling for Linux)
  • Perfmon2 (access to PMU on Linux/Itanium, needs patch for other architectures, superceeded by Perf Events for Linux)
  • HPCToolkit.
  • PAPI: API for reading PMU counters
  • MemSpy (Martonosi/Gupta/Anderson)
  • CProf (Lebeck/Wood)
  • VProf
  • MTools (Goldberg/Hennessy)
  • MHSim (Fowler/Mellor-Crummey/Whalley)
  • SIP (Berg/Hagersten)
  • DCPI (HP Profiling Infrastructure for Alpha Processors)

Commercial Profilers

  • Intel VTune
  • IBM Rational Quantify
  • Zoom from RotateRight


  • WinCacheGrind is a Windows software able to read Callgrind-formatted profile data, mainly targeted at reading files produced by xdebug 2, a PHP debugger.

  • Static instrumentors: ATOM, FIT

  • PIN (similar to Valgrind, for x86/Itanium/ARM, from Intel)

What people say about...

[Mostly excerpts from some mailing lists. Please send me an EMail for your own external reference or if you want your citation removed.]

  • "... kcachegrind is a marvelous tool by the way, try it if you can. Too bad it requires KDE3, or we'd be using it at work everyday ..." (Link)

  • "... finally took some time to install kcachegrind. What a wonderful tool. I finally understood how to use all those lists and numbers to actually make stuff faster. Kcachegrind visualizes the information very good, especially the source code view totally rocks." (Link)

  • "... I am also doing some profiling analysis on the test programs using valgrind/cachegrind/kcachegrind combination. This combination gives a really good profiling tool." (Link)

  • "... Use cachegrind with the excellent visualisation tool kcachegrind." (Link)